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Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Days

So it has been a long time this the last time I was here. I cant really make many excuses other than to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying the summer days. Until 2 days ago I was working a full time job as a Call Center Supervisor, but I was working one of the worse shifts possible, I would go in at 1:30 and get off at 10.  007So the morning were dedicated to my little guy, since Mr. Rohan was at work during the day. Even when my day was completely devoted to him, sometimes he decided it was time for a break. I cant say that I blame him, we had quite an adventure this summer. We went on a 7 day cruise with his Papa, Nan, Aunt Rina, Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jordan to the Southern Caribbean. It was so much fun and definitely something I will never forget, although I’m not sure Jaiden will remember much other than what he sees in pictures. But that is ok.

It has been so crazy to watch my family grow this year. We have had our difficult times, but we are stronger because of them. There were times I was scared that we were staying together for all the wrong reasons, but as time goes on I realize that is so far from the truth. 002I realize that me and Mr. Rohan are more than perfect for each other, we need each other. We fit together so well that sometimes it scares me.  We can create together something that is so much more than either of us and I LOVE it! I know that I talk a lot about how Coty and I have problems and how even though we do I know that we are meant to be and how much I love him even though I don’t sometimes. But I only do that because it is something that I am learning every day. I am learning that things don't have to be perfect 24/7. I am learning that everyone has their flaws. I am learning that love isn't finding someone who is perfect but being able to look past their flaws and see them as being perfect.

My favorite activity this summer has been watching my son grow. He is turning 2 in just over a month and it is crazy to think where the time has gone. He jabbers soooo much, but still isn;t making full sentences and I am ok with that. I know that one day he is going to come up to me and have plenty to say. He is definitely aSummer Days stubborn child… I am not quite sure where he gets that ;). He is so much fun to watch grow and start to understand things. He loves rocking out on his guitar and he is quite the site to see when he is doing that. He is a very handsome little boy… and I am praying that I will be able to give him the life he deserves.

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