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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Background noise….

I started working again this week. Crazy to think it had already been 3 months since I had last worked, crazy to think that I have had to leave my son with my sister for the past 3 days (she is an amazing babysitter and I trust her with my everything). Crazy that I have to get up in the morning and getting ready to go somewhere and interact with the outside world.

It is so nice to go somewhere and not have people know who you are. I have been known to wear my emotions on my sleeve, so going somewhere and interacting with people that don't know me. I can go there, put a smile on my face, talk to people, make jokes and no one will really know the turmoil that may be going on inside. Now I am not saying that there has been major emotional turmoil behind these eyes.. but its nice to go and not have the expectations to up and chipper and running around.

Its nice to fade into the background and not have to lead the bunch…. even though that is probably going to change soon seeing as how I’ll be a supervisor in a sense….

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