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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 19: Something you miss

I miss having my alone time. I think that every person, no matter who they are, deserves alone time. I know that I miss being able to have a few moments to myself each day to just vent and let the little things go so that I can focus on the big things in life. I miss being able to have a few minutes of silence where my brain doesn’t have to be going a million miles a minute to figure out the next move of those around me.

In that same thought though, the one person that has really caused me to miss out on that alone time is my wonderful little boy. I couldn’t give him up for the world. He is so amazing and constantly keeps me on my toes. He is growing up so fast I don’t think I can keep up most of the time.

So in all the ways that I miss having alone time… it is a small sacrifice for this life that I have been blessed with.

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