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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 11: Favorite tv shows


I love Pretty Little Liars. It is a show about four girls that are really good friends with a girl that went missing before the show started. A year after her disappearance is when we meet the girls and they are all getting these messages from someone named “A” that is blackmailing them and pretty much has it out for them. Of course the four girls band together as they are trying to figure out who this “A” person is. Of course secrets are uncovered and the only person that could know them is their friend that went missing that was found dead. Interesting right?


This is a pretty new show… there has only been 2 episodes but so far it is really good. It is about 3 young doctors that go to a clinic in South Africa to work there. They are getting used to not having all the modern day stuff like we do here in the US and they are having to find a way to work with the locals who mostly speak Spanish and don't always believe in modern medicine.


What more needs to be said about Glee? It is an amazing show that can evoke a lot of emotion out of me and I can’t wait for it to come back on.

vampire diaries

This is a great show about vampires. There are 2 brothers that are both vampires and there is a girl that is not. The one brother (Stefan) goes back to Mystic Falls because he wants to meet the girl (Elena) because she looks just like his ex (Katherine, who turned both him and his brother to vampires) whom every vampire thinks is dead. Well after Stefan meets Elena and they start to talk, the brother (Damon) shows up to start causing mayhem. Then they find out that all the vampires in the world pretty much are after Elena because she looks just like Katherine who turns out to still be alive. So Stefan and Damon band together to protect Elena.


The Biggest Loser has definitely became my favorite show to watch. It is giving me so much motivation to finally start changing my life for the better. I love being able to watch the show and take the journey with each of the contestants and I find myself cheering them on and getting anxious each week when someone has to go home. I love that this show is on TV because it is proving that everyone can do what they want to, just have to have motivation and the drive.

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